How to Successfully Promote Our Private Finance Deals

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After becoming part of our nationwide network of accredited contractors, the Improveasy benefits needn’t stop there. Once being able to offer homeowners the ability to spread the cost of their home improvements via our core private finance option, we remain on hand to help you take full advantage of it and better promote the perks of finance. Here are some handy tips:

Don’t get customers lost in the numbers

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give with regards with how to best sell private finance, is not bombard them with rates, numbers, and percentages. Rather, we always recommend explaining the agreed upon price in terms homeowners can better envision and digest easily. Such examples include: “The total sum will be X amount, which across the entire term will mean paying X amount monthly.” It’s important you also make clear the interest amount being applied compared to the home improvement cost.

Make use of visual aids

Sometimes the most effective tips are the best, with this next one being no exception. Brochures, flyers, and even a website work better than words to leave a lasting impression on homeowners, so using visual aids such as these to leave with customers or aid in your upsell pitch goes a long way. This is something we at Improveasy can actively help with, supplying companies with bespoke marketing materials which’ll help to further build homeowner confidence.

Register on an Improveasy sales training seminar

Of course, we’d be remiss to reveal all our best private finance skills online here for all to see. However, once being adopted to our accredited installer network, we readily offer tradesmen access to our in-house sales training seminars which, in addition to educating you more about the benefits of private finance, reveal some of the best ways to be successful out in the field.

Take advantage of the full Improveasy service with Private Finance tips

At Improveasy, explaining the benefits of financial plans is a large part of what we do. As well as giving installers the means to clinch more sales by providing it, we can also help you achieve more success in doing so. For more information, why not get in touch with us today to learn more?

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