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Want to offer finance to your customers? We can help

Improveasy finance solutions are a specialist home improvement finance company offering a wide range of finance solutions including:

  • 0% interest free finance
  • A range of APRs to suit your products
  • Up to 10 years finance
  • Finance available for all home improvements


On-board with us and benefit from operating as an appointed representative (AR) for our company. Your company will appear officially on the FCA register and as an AR you will be able to:

  • Sell finance over the phone and face to face
  • Handle the process end to end
  • Advertise a range of finance products
  • Handle paperwork and take deposits
  • Access our unique online portal
  • Instant credit decisions for your customers
  • Fast payment terms of 72 hours


We provide full training, ongoing support and a dedicated team to assist you on a daily basis. Offering finance can help increase sales, give you a competitive edge and should form an important part of your products and services.

Home improvement measures we finance

Boilers and heating controlsCentral heating systems
Kitchens and bathroomsInfrared heating
Windows and doorsConservatories
Garden officesRoofs and sky lights
Solar PVALL renewable technologies
External wall insulationInternal wall insulation
Loft and cellar conversionsHot tubs
Drives and gates

Do we need to be FCA authorised?

You do not need to be FCA authorised to on-board with Improveasy. Your company will be registered as either an AR or an introducer. Either way you can start offering finance to your customers in around 14 days.


Offer more to your customers with Green Deal finance

Improveasy are proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the Green Deal Providers to roll out the new green deal starting in April 2017. We will soon be back where we left off a couple of years ago writing green deal finance plans for our customers and installers.

Green deal finance is a great option to offer customers for energy efficient home improvements as the repayments for the loan are always less than the amount of savings the bill payer stands to make. This means the cost for the repayments are within the customer’s existing spend which obviously helps regarding affordability.

The loan is secured against the property rather than the home owner/bill payer so there is no direct debit needed. Instead the repayments are added to the electricity bill and collected by the utility company. The amount is fixed and remains the same throughout the life of the measure.

What measures are available on Green Deal?

Solid wall insulation - internalSolid wall insulation - external
Cavity wall insulationLoft insulation
Floor insulationTank insulation
Ground source heat pumpsAir source heat pumps
Condensing boilersHeating controls
Draught proofingEnergy efficient light fittings
Flue gas heat recovery systemsFan assisted storage heaters
Biomass boilers

What’s changed since the last time around?

There are new owners of the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) and the new team have a wealth of experience and a drive to ensure the new government backed scheme is a success. There are planned changes proposed to improve the green deal but some of them are written in to legislation so potential changes like a waiver for the ‘golden rule’ will take up to 12 months to change.

There are some changes being implemented more quickly such as a soft credit check for customers to see if they qualify for green deal finance before the Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) is carried out, electronic signature and the removal of the ‘in use factor’ which helps increase the amount of finance available.

Can my company offer Green Deal finance?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have released a new authorisation specifically for installers and assessors who want to offer advice and guidance relating to green deal finance – the green deal broker authorisation. There is a cost to apply for this authorisation and you can find out more information from the FCA.

If you don’t want the hassle and responsibility of applying for and operating with a green deal broker authorisation then we can help.

There two options you can choose from:

Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) – with this option you simply introduce Improveasy as the company who will handle all the customers questions and queries and relating to the green deal and we take care of the whole end to end process. We work alongside you to ensure a smooth customer journey and you complete the installation part of the process.

Appointed Representative (AR) – with this option you act a representative of our company meaning that you can handle much more of the green deal process particularly in relation to the handling of the green deal finance element. You can present the finance options and answer any questions as if you were the green deal finance company.

Either way we can help. Best of all by registering as either one of the above you can also access all our other great finance products offered via Improveasy Finance Solutions.

Why not try our soft credit check facility in order to see if your potential customers are likely to be accepted for Green Deal finance first before engaging with them as it may save you and your customer time and money? Please note: Customer consent required.


ECO funding from Improveasy

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was created by the government to help improve the housing stock in the UK. Utility companies have been given an obligation to pay for heating and insulation measures and this funding is delivered through the ECO scheme.

Improveasy work directly with these energy companies as a ‘managing agent’ which means we facilitate the funding for installers nationwide to deliver ECO qualifying measures.

On 1st April 2017 ECO2t began which is the latest phase of ECO. There are changes afoot in the way that properties are scored by standardising the process based on property type – ‘deemed scores’.

We have been busy agreeing our new contracts with the utilities so we can continue to provide funding to our installer partners across the country. We currently have funding available for the rest of 2018 with various utilities and welcome new partners.

So what are the deemed scores?

Ofgem have released a deemed scores matrix. The matrix is a look up table which details all the property types ie detached, terraced and number of bedrooms etc. You simply use the look up table and multiply the rate you are receiving from Improveasy to calculate the amount of funding you will receive for any given job. There is no requirement for an EPC.

What are Improveasy’s payment terms on ECO?

Some of the utilities we work with offer fast payment terms in lieu of a small discount typically approx. 3% and some of them work with a third party bank who again pay quickly and charge a small fee.

If not, we have it covered with our own factoring facility which we can use to get those all-important payments out to you in the fastest possible time which certainly helps cash flow.

The percentage amount released against your invoice varies but can be as much as 80% and there is always a small fee to consider when deciding whether to use our fast payment facilities but either way it can be a handy option for your company when working with us via the ECO funding part of our business.



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