Our 2017 accomplishments!

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Now that we’re firmly within the thrust of what 2018 has to offer, we at Improveasy feel it important to recap all the successes had the previous year to better gauge expectations going forward. 2017 was the period when we became much more than a company installers’ can use to offer financial solutions to homeowners, and these are just the highlights of our various accomplishments:

We ended the year with our highest number of installers ever!

A feat that was only aided by our unmissable presence at 2017’s FIT show, last year saw us reach the highest number of installers using our services that we’ve ever had. This has helped further cement us as one of the industry’s most reliable and trustworthy private finance suppliers, aiding both those either side of the home improvement process.

Our Managing Director Austin Barcley expressed on the matter:

“We’ve identified an upward trend over the last eighteen months of more people using finance options to upgrade their homes, creating a golden opportunity for installers of windows and conservatories.”

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We helped installers capitalise on the popularity of home improvement finance

One of the most interesting takeaways from last year was the rise in popularity had by private finance in the glazing industry. 2017 made it evidently clear that more residents than ever were seeking alternate ways to finance their dream property. Luckily, we at Improveasy were on hand to help installers based in the UK capitalise on this upwards trend.

Our Managing Director Austin Barcley’s thoughts include:

“…homeowners are turning to finance options to help make their dream home a reality, presenting an opportunity for installers to win new business through offering finance, or part finance options”

You can find the full story here

We recorded our best-ever month of trading in September

Going hand in hand with our influx of installer additions was our record-breaking month of September, in which we enjoyed the most amount of enquires ever. A sign that our financial services are gaining traction and is the most competitive it’s ever been, we aim to seize this opportunity to keep informing installers about how to best promote finance effectively.

Mr Barcley’s shared his opinion once again:

“September was our best month for both enquiries and for the number of new companies signing up with us. There is a definite trend of many homeowners investing in their properties and this is helping to drive a demand for finance options which can help to fund investments…”

You can find the full story here

Heading into 2018 a better, stronger financial solutions provider

As can quite clearly be seen, 2017 was a landmark year for the entire Improveasy team, as well as our partnered installers. If you’re a company wanting to make the most of finance provider continuing to go from strength to strength, consider contacting Improveasy today.

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