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content divider are a specialist financial services company with the primary objective of assisting installation companies to navigate through the often complex world of grants, green deal, private finance and ECO. We ‘help you help your customers’ by providing the very best financial solutions making the ideal partner for both you and your customer. As an installer you can relax and concentrate on installing the home improvement you specialise in and leave the financial solution to us.

On board with us today and start enjoying the benefits of joining our installer network. You will immediately be assigned an ‘account manager’ who will take you through the process and will be the link between you and your customer. At any time either you or your customer can speak with your designated account manager who will be available to answer any queries or give any advice needed.


Step One

On board with us.

Step Two

Log in and request quotes for your customers.

Step Three

Agree the preferred option with your customer.

Step Four

We will take care of the GDAR and all paperwork.

Step Five

Install measure.

Step Six

Receive payment.

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